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She Told Me Her Wedding Ring Didn't Mean a Thing

Posted by Andrew Peters on

My mom handed me her wedding ring. 

"It doesn't mean anything to me. Go ahead and do whatever you want with it." While I knew it was true, the words were deep. She and my dad hadn't been married for 30 years or so. I knew the end of their story, but holding the beautiful golden ring in my hand gave me pause. I slipped it on. 

It fit me perfectly. 

From that day forward I've worn it atop my own wedding band. The little gold band serves as a constant reminder to me – where our family has been in the past does not have to be so in the future. 

We started The Family Line because we know there families who have amazing things to pass down, and things that should be squashed right now. 

But, without any guidance or intentionality our busy lives just go on and on and we'll leave these things to chance. I received so much good from my family, but also some patterns I don't wish to repeat. Here I stand in the confluence of history and future. I can choose where my family line goes from here. 


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