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Our Story

We’re husbands and wives, dads and moms who told the world the most important thing to us was our families. And then we spent our most strategic, creative energy elsewhere: building major brands, launching start-ups and selling widgets. Suddenly we found ourselves asking a question we had to answer: What if we applied our best efforts to our family instead?

What if we created clear guidelines to free us to say “no” to things that aren’t the most important, yes to critical things and a plan to achieve something great with the people we love most? What if we could give our great-grandchildren a sense of purpose and belonging (even if we never meet them)?

So we set out to do just that.

No one receives training on how to be a be a family. Advice, yes. Examples, plenty. Training, no. So far no one has told us their bachelor's degree included a strategic marriage class or told us about the conference they attended about parenting before they got pregnant. Yet, we train for other things: marathons, jobs, photography, sewing, painting, yoga. It’s time to apply ourselves and discover the potential each family holds.

Our Team

Andrew Peters
Husband, Father of Four
Co-Founder, Creative Director

Rachel Peters
Wife, Mother of Four
Co-Founder, Content Maven

Andy Garrett
Newlywed, First-Time Dad
Co-Founder, Business Director

Hannah Garrett
Newlywed, First-Time Mom
Strategic Thinker

Diana Westendorf
Ridiculously Skilled Designer

Chris Bollman
Father of Two
Digital Genius

Our Opportunities

Become a part of the Family Line community by submitting a story of your family. We’re looking for couples, parents, kids and grandparents have made this family thing work in their own way. Your story could be featured in a video, on our site, or on our social media channels.