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Finish Lines

Posted by Andrew Peters on

I’ve never cried so much watching television as I did during episodes of NBC’s Parenthood. From the very first notes of Bob Dylan’s lyrics in the opening to the final montage of the last show, I was in. All the way in. The fact that I didn’t grow up with both a mom and a dad in my house sparked a natural curiosity. What is this family thing supposed to look like? Let’s all hope it looks a little more like the Bravermans (great name, right?) and a little less like the Kardashians. During the course of my Parenthood fandom I discovered why I was an emotional wreck each week. In the Braverman family I saw my own future, what I really want out of life – the table full of my grown children and their children living out life, together. That’s my goal. When my tween gets a little out of sorts or my toddler licks my face (why, WHY?!?!) sometimes that table full of people flashes in my mind. I want to hear the music and smell the food. I want to laugh and know that I crossed the finish line.  -RP

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